Human Help

I am keeping a critical mind as I begin my inspirational words this morning. To start I am asking myself why you should want to read “Physical Matters”. One of my first thoughts is that I am not a high priced personal trainer and my college degree is in Computer Informations Systems, not Exercise Science.

Ah! But wait!! That might just be two very good reasons for you want to read Physical Matters. Perhaps I can provide a different perspective. Maybe I have alternative insight that can be beneficial too!?!

Human help is the way I like to look at it. I do some things right and some things wrong in fitness, health, & life in general; but isn’t that what human is?? This human will help you the best way I know how. I have held aerobics certifications in the past, taught classes, taken classes so please don’t think I am completly inexperienced. I long to be a fitness advocate because I believe in it. Go believe in yourself and get moving. And don’t be so critical, you are only human!

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