Spring Forward and Aspire Higher

Ok, spring is here…finally! What is your excuse for not moving? Rain? The rest of the family’s schedule is intruding? Cut it out and get going! Never look back! Let the only excuse you formulate be one to keep you going season after season. It is not easy with all of life’s interruptions but if you don’t go now and keep going, you will not be going at all later down the road.

I get the feeling that many pre-exercise program people think that we “exercisers” have it easy. We don’t. It can be very difficult to keep the positive mantra flowing. Just because there is a good week of fitness doesn’t mean that we get to quit for a week. However, if we struggle through a nasty run we can’t throw up our hands a think that we’ve lost it all and give up.

You’ve got to find a way to get fit and stay fit.
Exercise is not a hobby for many people. It’s a means to an end, maintenance for the self. This day in age it is very necessary that fitness is a part of your daily regimen. Today there are too many opportunities to not move-remote controls, drive-up windows, and unnecessary car rides. The slogan “use it or lose it” proves true. While your expanding waist is not “out of sight” but you have put exercise “out of mind” you can change that now.

  • spring is a great time to gear up that bike for park rides or even running errands
  • many charity events are having walk/runs this time of year
  • your dog is probably just as ready as you to come out of hibernation mode, in other words-walk the dog!

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Spring is all about new and fresh. Inspiration for innovation spawns from various outlets. Click on the new podcast link (coming soon)and listen – maybe I can let out a good view for you.

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