Information Overload

The computer seems like a necessary evil sometimes. I have tried about three times now to look up a certain piece of information but have been distracted by about five things for every one of my efforts! There is so much information out there to be had and I don’t want to miss out on any of it. However, it ends up being counter-productive for me. Information overload happens entirely too often.

I thought I might list a few tips on how to deal with internet information overload, but I got distracted. Most suggestions where for the office, and those can still be applied at times, but the rest didn’t seem fit. Some of the suggestions I found interesting came from Lifehacker which proposed less technology as a whole. I browsed through an article titled “Information Overload” written by William Van Winkle who had some hints I might try. Then there was Internet Duct Tape that just suggested I “delete it all…” alt f4 and have a nice day.

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