Just for You

How much time do you take for yourself everyday? Is your shower the closest you get to spa-like treatment? I hear too many people say that if they take time out of their day to simply talk a walk alone that they feel like they are being selfish. This statement is usually from mothers who feel that they would be neglecting their families if they indulged in a walk. Forget adding an exercise routine to their schedule, that would be way too much selfish attention. Let me make a statement from a kids point of view, “BULL CRAP!” Now, I admit that there were times my sister and I gave my Dad a hard time when he headed out for his 6 mile run when we thought he should have stayed inside for Saturday morning cartoons. But a few Road Runner’s later I realized how much I respected his commitment to running. I watched him make and set goals. He came back with tales of rare animal sitings and being followed by stray dogs. I imagine that he was able to give us a better quality of attention because he had taken his run. He could expend tension out on the road, have time for personal thoughts, and feel good that he got in some heart healthy exercise. My grandpa, his father, died of a heart attack. I knew that his runs were just as much for us as they were for him.

If your looking for an excuse for not exercising then it’s time to find a new one. The family knows deep down that everyone is better cared for when you start with yourself. You deserve to feel and look good taking that shower.

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