Life Is A Highway

Have you ever heard the saying, “Standing in a garage doesn’t make somebody a car”? Of course it doesn’t. A vehicle is a means to travel to a destination. It sort of makes the driver the “soul of the vehicle.” There are so many different vehicles out there in the world. Some operate better than others, some are kept immaculate inside and out, others are lucky if they get gas and an oil change. I’ve seen Mercedes on the road that were a beat up hunk of metal emitting pollutants into the air and I’ve seen Fords sailing down the street in tip-top shape. The driver is in charge of how well their vehicle gets taken care of. A little maintenance and it’s going to run better and look better, regardless of the price of the automobile.

We don’t all stand in garages trying to be cars but we are the drivers of our own vehicles. Our bodies are essentially means to travel to a destination. How well we care for our vehicle makes a huge impact as to how well it will operate inside and how well it can look on the outside. A Mercedes is not better than a Ford if it isn’t taken care of.

Society puts a lot of pressure on looks. Car looks, people looks – we all make snap judgements when we see things. Think about it, if you see a run down car is your first thought that if only it had some sprucing up that it could run better and look better? If you see a high dollar car are you impressed? Do you realize that the lack of care had made the pricey machine worn out and almost useless?

The same goes for people. We all might not be blessed with the ideal waist size, hair and eye color. Although, give yourself a little TLC and you might sail through life looking and feeling better that the person that did have the ideal look but took for granted that there would always be gas in the tank. -t

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