A Dash of This and A Pinch of That

I was brought up to be a label reader. Both of my parents were careful about what we ate and taught us kids to be aware of what was in food and drink. It gets easier as you learn the the lingo – who knew sugar has more names than “Diddy” ? The practice came in handy but certainly never ends. Every time I think I’ve gotten quick and slick at zoning in on what to look for and what to avoid, something gets added to the yes or no list. For example, not long ago I learned that particular condiments use Worcestershire sauce which is usually made with anchovies (a type of fish). This information is extremely valuable to anyone allergic to fish or who is a vegetarian. I’ve even found “hidden animal” in vitamins and supplements. It doesn’t stop there, bath and body products are no exceptions. Do you know what is in your pets food and treats? Basically anything with an ingredients list is up for investigation. So buyer beware! Do your homework. There is a lot of helpful lists out there that you can take a with you to the store. You will get the hang of it. Hey while you’re at it, ya might as well start learning the jargon for “going green”. -pm

Here are a few interesting sites with helpful bits. There are tons out there so don’t stop with these!

Caring Consumer
Gorgeously Green

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