Bend Not Break

Stretching does is beneficial for improving circulation, flexibility, posture, and those are just a few things. There is some argument as to if stretching prevents injury. Regardless it is good for you to do if you are doing the proper stretches the proper way.

Dr. Jolie Bookspan has a site that recommends which stretches help and which ones don’t do so much. Often, the first stretch that comes to mind is to bend over and reach for the toes. This is not a bad thing to do but not one of the most beneficial considering that we don’t need to focus on the types of stretching that bend us forward. These muscles are over-stretched as it is so it is necessary to focus on a variety that will strengthen and improve mobility all around.

Don’t forget to avoid ballistic (bouncy) movements and to stretch to the point of ease – not pain. The idea is to bend not break! Hold the pose for 30 seconds and remember to breath. -pm

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