Perfect Score!

I used to have a quote that went something like this,“waking up you are already a 3, add a couple of points for a pleasant attitude, then put on a smile and you are at least an 8.” I don’t know who wrote it but I had it hanging on my bulletin board for years growing up. It was sort of motivating to know that attitude and a facial expression could affect your appearance. It’s is very true at that. I have many times met someone who looked much better having not opened his (or her) mouth.

Hey, if you toss in a good work out and a healthy diet then you are scoring off the charts! Everybody likes to look and feel good and they do go hand-in-hand. It’s difficult to look so well when you have a sour soul. We put a lot of time and effort into primping and polishing our outer appearance but neglect to give the same attention to our attitude. Maybe it’s because it is so much easier to gel our hair than to stroke our own ego. I don’t mean inflating ourselves to the point of arrogance but I mean to remember to be kind to us as much as we do others. Speak to yourself with the same kindness that you would speak to your friends. (minus the brilliant, sarcastic jabs that you take at your nearest and dearest!) Spend some time getting the inside feeling better and you might not need to take as much time primping the outside. Don’t go crazy though, everybody benefits when you allow time to polish the pearlies and spritz the pits! -pm

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