Practice Makes Perfect

The following is from David Leonhardt aka “The Happy Guy“.

“Happiness is sometimes what happens when you’re not looking.
Sometimes we spend too much time searching for happiness. Sometimes,
we should just let it come to us.

But first, you have to give yourself permission. That’s right, you
have to allow yourself to feel happy. You can breathe, you can eat,
you can smile…there are so many reasons to feel happy, but you have
to give yourself permission, or else none of these things will make
you any happier than you already are.”

It’s a great suggestion. Many times we wait far to long for a bill to get paid off, then we’ll be happy; or for our physical appearance to improve, then we’ll be happy; or once that perfect person enters our life we can really live, then we’ll be happy. But as the Happy Guy suggests if we don’t let ourselves feel pieces of happiness right now then we will not do it later. Don’ be numb now in hopes to feel a flood-rush of good feelings later. Practice makes perfect. Practice being numb and glum now then that’s what you’ll get later. Learn to feel good now and then as better situations begin to pop into your life it will be even more easier to enjoy those times too-and more fully. Train your brain. The body will follow feel better and you deserve to enjoy life while you are waiting for the other stuff to happy. Can’t hurt. Might help. -pm

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