So-u-l Beautiful

So-u-l Beautiful

I try to tell myself it’s ok

Don’t be vain, it is His way.


Kids are harsh with bold words and stares

I tell myself I don’t really care


It’s just not true thought I try

Understanding disconnects from the eye


It could be worse I suppose

Maybe I don’t want your nose


Science can always help me change

But I’m picky with rearrange


What if I like it less?

Then I’m in a bigger mess


Plus my heart is still in tact

That reflects the way I act


I think I will just hope it’s the truth

Never mind misinformed youth


Adults are not much kinder

Whispers are a loud reminder


No I don’t look like most

And if I did I wouldn’t boast


When a soul is ugly but packaged nice

There comes a time it pays a price.


I have work inside to do

Hopefully it will shine through


Beautiful inside and out

Is what it is ALL about


My dream to be all that and more

Is up to He who opens the door.


I’ll put my sadness in a box

And hope the key to which it locks


Will be the one that opens the way

For complete beauty, bliss, and happiness each and every day. -trvw

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