Too Much

Too much of anything has drawbacks.  We often think if we had excess of all the fun things we like then we would always be happy.  Even too much happiness can have physical drawbacks because your body needs to recharge.  The point is that it’s ok to not be grinning ear to ear 24-7. A few mellow moments can refuel your mind and body.  However, too much negativity certainly has repercussions physically and mentally. Science has proven that our bodies react physically to attitudes and to the attitudes that surround us.  In fact, not only do we affect our well being but we transfer our attitude vibes to other people.  Hey, you might have something to do with the way your co-worker feels after all. In fact, by maintaining a happy disposition you could be responsible for increasing office productivity. At they say this: ” We’ve learned in 10 years that happy people are more productive at work, learn more in school, get promoted more, are more creative and are liked more. ” Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D.

Do yourself, and others, a favor and focus on having too much happiness and then everything else will be just right.


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