Thoughts Become Things

The holidays are over and you’re broke. The weather is cold and the news is dull and depressing.  Good times seem forever away, but not so.  It’s in your own power to make the time now for feeling fine. Take an escape from all of the drama and just focus on being cheerful and happy.  Even if you have to fake it a bit, positive thoughts are proven to breed more positive thoughts and generate positive energy.  You owe it to yourself and people around you to feel good and inspire positive energy.  If we all work on that perhaps we can send this economy into a state of improvement. 

Don’t get me wrong, I typically have to work at maintaining a positive focus.  Negativity naturally consumes me it seems.  No, you can’t walk around with your head in the clouds, but being down in the dumps all of the time will serve no positive purpose. Mike Dooley, as featured in “The Secret,”  says “thoughts become things” so I am making them good thoughts.  You deserve to do the same.  -pm

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