While You Wait

The bitter cold bites.  Most of us are screaming for spring.  My dog is even bummed with out his walking sessions. It seems like an easy fix for cabin fever would be to take advantage of the winter months by doing “indoor stuff”. Catch up on reading, cleaning, or even movies.  That doesn’t always scratch the itch though.  Some other suggestions are to start planning that garden that awaits your personal touch. Get your summer gear cleaned up and ready for a spontaneous trip.  Do those things that hold up outdoor activities when a nice day springs up out of the blue. Organize garden tools, get lake loot ready, toss expired sunscreen and get fresh ready to grab. Make lists of those grocery items that you might need for camping, hiking, or a day at the beach.   You can even go ahead and shop for non-perishable food and drinks. Planning ahead will relieve stress in the future and knowing there is fun in the future will boost your mood. Not to mention that you’re dog will be more than happy to spend extra time walking with you instead of watching you root around for his leash.

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