Alternate Workout

efxIt’s good to have a back up workout plan for a few reasons.  You might get rained out of your run, the elliptical trainer might be occupied, or you just might feel like a change when the alarm goes off.  Allowing yourself the freedom to do something different will keep you motivated and let you feel in control of working out.  Our brains and bodies get tired of the same ol’ routine. Even if you love your daily runs, a simple change in route or mileage can stimulate your mind and body. When your mind gets tired the body will follow-yes that right our brain controls the energy flow to the body more than we realize.  If you can snap your brain out of boredom your body will follow the excitement.

A little bit of variety will keep you motivated and challenge different muscles.  Have a few workouts that you can do to switch up the norm.  Have a few fitness DVDs that you can fall back on, use a different machine or use them all by doing circuits.  There’s plenty of that you can do to stick to your fitness routine, it might involve a little creativity but it will certainly be worth the effort. -pm

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