Show Me Love

rockandwaterMany people do things to show love and respect for their significant other. Helping with chores, errands, work are nice ways to show that you care. Wearing a certain outfit or cologne that appeals to them has a double benefit for you and your partner. How about the way you care for your health?

Many people think that when they are taking time to fit in a workout or schedule a doctors appointment that they are being selfish. Contrary, the exact opposite is true. The people that love and care for you want you to look and feel your best. If you neglect basic health management then you are actually sending the message that they are not a priority. Think back when your mom or dad had the flu when you were a kid. Didn’t it seem like the universe was out of whack? SuperParents don’t get sick! It wasn’t fun to see your parents out of commission and it was even worse when they wouldn’t stop to get the rest that they needed. If they would just slow down and rest up then they would get better faster and life would be better for everyone. It’s not that they were intentionally trying to perpetuate the situation; they most likely felt they were doing the right thing by not taking time for their own well being. If you said to your ill parent, “hey please rest”, and they refused, did you feel like your feelings were discounted?

Don’t discount the people that care about you. Care for them, respect yourself and manage your health. You will manage the rest of your life better when you feel better. -pm


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