Kindle 2

Reading is good for you. It helps improve spelling and grammar, it fuels imagination, and expands one’s general base of knowledge. It exercises the mind which is just as important as exercising the body. With all the information on the internet it’s impossible to be without something to read. However, sometimes getting away from the computer can be just as good for the brain as the reading that comes along with it.

Unplugging has it’s perks. Nothing can replace a good book or magazine.   It’s nice to take a book and sit outside or swing without worrying about glare or finding a strong connection. A problem for many people is deciding what to read. Take the book, magazine, both? There is a solution. It is a compromise between print and plug.  The Kindle 2: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation) is going to be available February 24, 2009. It’s not exactly cheap, $359.00 on Amazon, but cool – cost aside. The wireless reader lets you load books, magazines, and newspapers on the devise and then you are set to read anywhere you go.  Just like the printed versions, you have to buy subscriptions and books.

Aside of the initial cost of getting set up, like most new electronic toys it pays in the long run. It’s paperless, no carting around heavy books or awkward,  and if you already have the Kindle 1 everything transfers to the Kindle 2. It will be nice when everyone can afford one of these handy readers, but for a while I think that the glossies are safe.

If you can afford one it looks to be worth the money, but if you aren’t ready to splurge there is still plenty of print to feed your brain. -pm

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