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smilestickersBeing physically sound requires patience and understanding for our own self and for those around us.  Most of the time when people begin a workout routine their peers are cheering loud.  However, when the person is successful with their new, healthy lifestyle some of those fans take a detour down the road.

It’s hard to understand why people fall away from being supportive at another’s success.  Jealousy is the first reason that comes to mind. Whatever the case may be it’s disappointing that there are people who feel the need to banter another person for trying to better their situation. The office is a good example of how a group of people can either boost or burst a co-worker’s esteem in less time than a department meeting lasts. Maybe you’ve seen a co-worker, or been the person, that decides to skip a group lunch to take a walk. The person makes choices that they feel are necessary to improve his or her life. Not saying good humor should ever be banned, but many times too much unnecessary jeering takes place. Some go as far as to accuse the healthy behavior as an eating disorder or a waste of time.  Jokes and having fun are great – and good for you – but are some things that just don’t need to be said.

Be considerate of other peoples feelings – especially around a group of people. Someone making any effort to improve their lifestyle should never be embarrassed. If there is genuine concern for the persons health then find a private, tactful way to inquire.

If you are the person that is getting teased, stay firm with your beliefs. Getting and staying healthy is wonderful. It feels good and we want everyone to experience it. However, be respectful of another persons life style. Try not to brag of your accomplishments. Having a support network is important, just realize that it needs to come from the right people. Your donut adoring co-workers might not care that you found a healthy way to make your favorite dish, maybe they have applauded already after you finished your first “10k marathon”. Not everyone understands the attempt at a particular lifestyle. Not everyone is ready to maintain a workout routine or lower fat from their diet. It’s fine to share but be cautious of preaching. Remember that practicing patience and tolerance is as much as a health enhancement as a good run. -pm


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  1. skipping lunch to take a walk and not eating at all is not a healthy choice and should never be advocated. sometimes one with a disorder can claim something to be “healthy” as a way to disguise their disorder, at least think they are disguising it. in reality, the way they look says it all and that may be why the comments (even if rudely put and ianppropriate) are coming. usually looks don’t lie in regards to severe eating disorders such as anorexia.

    1. Yes, thank you for making the point to eat. The reference to “lunch” was more directed to social gathering, not meals. Many people feel better to get away from negative personas that drag them down or discourage them from the healthy patterns they are striving to maintain. Always take the time to fuel your body nutritionally.

      The way a person looks never makes rude remarks acceptable. Nor are medical issues conclusive by a person’s appearance and habits. It is a shame when someone judges another person based on looks and not being properly informed. Ignorance isn’t always bliss.