Out With the Old

earthrecycleSpring is right around the corner. There have been a few enticing, nice days to tease us for the months to come. Many people make plans for the warm days. Plans to clean up the garage get the yard prepped for landscaping, or fitness goals – turn off the treadmill and hit the hills. Getting rid of old can make it easier to enjoy the new.

New is sometimes necessary. New running shoes are very important to avoid injury, but before you toss the old shoes to the landfill consider the alternatives. Having a backup pair on hand is good for lighter exercises. If they aren’t completely worn out consider donating them to a needy cause. This can be done for so many things that are no longer something we need but not necessarily “trash”.

Many people find that they feel better when they get rid of stuff they no longer use and even more pleased when someone else can benefit as well. In the article, Precycle, Recycle Oh My!!! there are a few links and ideas for greening up what we waste.

The fad right now is to “go green”. Many fads fade in time. A fad becomes a classic when enough people stay interested in the trend and feel like there is a good reason to keep it going. Classic blue jeans never go out of style because just about everyone can afford to have them and just about everyone can look good wearing them. Spring cleaning won’t die when there are thousands of people making room for more stuff. Hopefully, green spring cleaning will stay as classic as blue jeans – it’s something that everyone can do and the world looks good doing it. -pm


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  1. Just to add onto the benefits of donating your old stuff to goodwill… it can be tax deductable and I don’t know about you, but when I clear out my home from unnecessary clutter, I feel more free. Kind of like I cleared out my home and thus have cleared out my mind.