How do you find peace when stress attacks? Personally, I find it a challenge to automatically resort to peace in stressful situations. It is something that I have to work on.  I’m the type of person that feels like if I don’t worry about a problem then I’m not addressing the problem. It’s not true, in fact if we relax in stressful situations we will be able to make calm, well thought out decisions. At the same time passion is often driven from intense feelings.  Aren’t those the same strong feelings that stem from getting wound up from an event, issue, or “problem”? 

Perhaps it all goes back to finding balance. Intense feelings can be a good thing. They can drive and inspire us. Maybe it is learning how to steer the feelings that makes the difference between passion and rage. Bad stress can bring about things like sleep disturbances and health problems.  Good stress can drive us toward our goals and fire our imagination. 

Finding peace in bad stressful situations is important so you don’t drain the good juices away. Deep breathing, journaling, listening to music are a few ways to find peace. Tranquility Is Yours has some suggestions too. What are the ways that you find inner peace? -pm



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  1. Meditation & working out; I usually do them at the same time. Racing on a stationary bike while focusing my mind relaxes me.

    1. Those are good. I find a lot of people find a peaceful place when they connect with an activity like running or biking. Thanks for reading!

  2. The biggest challenge for me has been to being calm when people are being disrespectful to me. Especially considering the fact that people have been more likely to do this through email instead of to my face. I simply take a breath, and remind myself that these people are not worth the stress they are causing, because they aren’t on my life path. They are only on the side of the road as I travel through life.

    1. That is fantastic! It takes patience and grace to handle our own behavior when people are disrespectful. Thank you for reading and I will be re-visiting Swollen Thumb Entertainment soon. Good luck! You might also like to check out if you get a chance.