BIBO – Beauty In Beauty Out

swanThere’s no denying that people are attracted to beauty. I like to think that anyone can be beautiful externally and internally. Maybe that’s just me being a wishful thinker seeing, as I’ve never saw myself as any beauty queen. Outward beauty definitely radiates from within and when we feel good inside it shows outside.

Pump all the iron you want, but if you don’t exercise on the inside then there is going to be an out-of-balance. The same goes for the opposite; if you do all the work on your soul and neglect your physical body, you aren’t maximizing your potential. Some people take vanity to the extreme, fussing over hair, clothes, and physique, but forget that the inside needs a bit of TLC too. We need to work on our attitudes and the way we treat each other. In contrast, there are people that feel that foregoing all physical appearance will make them better on the inside. But when we work on our outsides in a manner that isn’t extreme self-absorption, but in a caring, respectful way, then we are able to feel confident about our appearance – and confidence is attractive.

Do your best to be your best. I strive to be fit for life and that requires me to work out my insides and my outsides. Am I beautiful? Perhaps it lies in the eye of the beholder, maybe more on some days than others. I am what I am…but it’s not all that I CAN BE. Be beautiful. -pm

Here are a few ideas for exercising your inside and your outside.


· Positive self talk

· Help others reach potential

· Try new things,

· Explore the world around you,

· Keep learning


· Exercise

· Eat well

· Dress for your age and body type

· Change your hair

· Smile

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