Friends Forever

friendpactFriendships are important for a healthy lifestyle. Having good friends that you can count on, and vice versa, adds quality to life. A good variety of pals is a great way to learn new things and to share common interests. As adults, sometimes we get caught up in the schedule of work life and family so much that sometimes we forget that our friends are important too. Family is certainly #1, but don’t forget that it is important to yourself, and to your friends, to nurture those relationships.

When we are younger our friends influence us a lot. As we grow up and become more independent sometime we confuse needy and necessity of good friendship relations. Nobody needs to have a “negative nelly” around 24-7, but  seeking out supportive, positive pals is necessary for many reasons.

For example, I have a cool friend that I know from high school. This person and I were more acquaintances in school but got to be closer post-grad. Now we send each other fun stuff snail mail and text messages out of the blue just to cheer up the other ones day or to say “hi”. It’s neat! It feels good to know that my silly card cheered somebody’s day up; and in return it is so nice to feel like someone cared enough to take time out of their day to drop something in the mail because they thought I might like it.

I try to take notes from my good friends and reciprocate it to them and spread it to my other friends. I have always valued friendship, I know I make mistakes but I do my best to be a friend that a person would want to claim and keep. Here’s to all my pals: Thank you for being a friend!!! -pm


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  1. I think I can hear the Golden Girls theme playing… 😉

    Thanks for being my friend, too! Luv ya!