Passion and Purpose in Life, What to “Be”

pathIt seems that my whole life I have been trying to figure our what I want to “be”. I’ve always known that #1 on my list was to “be happy”. Beyond that has been a struggle. Trying to narrow down what I am supposed to “be” in this life is a challenge personally.  Determined to “be” something I went to college, worked in my field of study, but still felt I was lacking in knowing my purpose. So I studied personal growth; I read the The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, sought out tips from The Secret, and I did learn valuable insight to apply toward living a fuller life. But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

A few things that I do know are that passion drives purpose. In other words, if you are passionate about something and know how to apply that passion every day then your purpose will unfold naturally before you. Trying to do something every day that leaves you lifeless and bored will never result in bliss. What we are meant to “be” is yielded by discovering the passions that we are each gifted with.

The people in the world that we see as successful, rich, and happy have figured out how to use their gifts with passion and as a result the rewards follow. Paul McCartney has been so successful because he loves music, he has a gift for it and for entertaining. He took his gift, passionately used it, and the rest fell into place. If you know your gifts then don’t be afraid to apply passion to drive yourself to the level that you long to “be.”

Using your gifts and applying passion don’t have to be full time, part time is ok – so long as you are letting the gift you’ve been given bring you, and potentially others, happiness. While you are fueling those gifts with passion, then eventually, spark by spark it will explode and you will “be” what you are destined to “be”.

Now, for me and maybe many of you, the problem is not understanding happiness. I know that it’s isn’t solely in a big bank account, or by external circumstances. It’s by igniting passion. It’s by using your gifts passionately and generously. My problem is unveiling gift(s). Trying to discover if I have at least one gift that I can “be” and how to power it with passion as a means to make a difference in my life and in others.

I have big dreams and goals in my life. One of the many is that I want to reach and inspire people to excel by the words I write. I take steps every day to develop my writing and hope that it is a gift with real potential, so that I can “be” an appreciated writer. Some people are lucky because they have a clear vision of what they are destined to “be”. Others have to dig some and that is ok. It’s a journey that teaches along the way – so be sure to notice that the stepping stones advance you in your journey and they aren’t just obstacles to slow you down. Do everything in your power to discover your gifts and passions with the same zest that you will use to maintain them once you have found them.

Any step forward is an advancing step regardless of it’s size.  Even a small percentage of gain will eventually add up over time.  Zen Habits must have read my mind with the latest article titled, “The 5% Trick: Finding Passion and Purpose in Life. One of the tips for taking action discusses the 5% Statement:

“My favorite tool at this stage is the 5% statement, created by Nathaniel Branden, who is widely considered to be the father of the self-esteem movement. It works by allowing you to take steps in small increments. Trying to change completely overnight, as some might suggest, often creates fear, uncertainty, and resistance.”

The universe is full of possibilities. We must see what we want before can attempt to grab it. If it’s unclear then make it your passion to find your passion. Fight for living your life with purpose the way it’s meant to “be”.      -pm


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  1. What is the purpose of life?

    I dont think that anyone can give you correct answer for these questions. You all have probably asked yourself these questions many times throughout your lifetime. These are one of the hardest questions that everyone tries to find answer. But still, most people will never find the answer.