The Power of Visualization

fairycastleDaydreaming can be healthy. It is a way to escape, relax, or pass the time while waiting in some dreadful, long line.  Instead of letting some chaos raise your blood pressure try to mute the mutter and daydream. Your imagination might spawn a vision that could turn into a reality.

How about seeing your shoes strike the pavement quick and light, or envision your perfect swim stroke slicing through the water like a hot knife through butter? Hold and repeat. It’s said that “creative visualization has been used as an effective tool in healing” and “that Channeling the power of visualization and clearly focusing on your ultimate goals can help in pushing you toward a higher success rate in terms of accomplishments.” You can read more on the benefits of visualization at Ezine Articles.

 Daydreaming or visualization is good to practice in all aspects of our lives. Focusing on the things that we want to achieve and playing that out in our minds gives life to our dreams. We get to practice with out failure. We can drive the dream car, cross the finish line, or sail into the sunset without reservation. Holding those images in our minds and in our hearts sparks us to take physical action toward turning those dreams into a reality.

Life can be hard but some say it doesn’t have to be. I’m holding that in my mind along with a full day of visualizations that I hope to make a reality. Daydreams are great, hold those visions in your mind but don’t forget to wake up long enough to make them happen. -pm

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  1. I use visualization as much as I can. A good friend of mine introduced me to the power of the mind through visualization and meditation and though I sometimes need reminding, I know it works. In fact just last week, I was on the phone with this friend of mine, telling him how sick I was and that I had to go to work despite the fact. He reminded me to picture myself as being well and forget or push out of my mind how horrible I was feeling. I did just that and was much MUCH better by the next day. Think positive thoughts and positive things will happen.

  2. That’s terrific. Visualization has been used in methods of healing for years. A positive outlook can only help!