O, Yes I Can Be Fit For Life

jumphigh“O yes I can” live an Ellen/ Oprah lifestyle and beyond! I will use visualization like Ellen did to land the cover of Oprah’s magazine to live a better life and to make better lives for the people around me.

That is a piece from edsezine.com and it talks about visualization, like Ellen used, to reach your goals in life. I thought it was appropriate for Physical Matters too. As we get age, many people just accept our bodies to become worn out and useless. It doesn’t have to be this way! A lot of people who realize later in life that they need to get fit begin improving their lifestyle. They exercise, eat better, and many say that they are fitter at 40 than they were at 20. This is fantastic and it can happen for everyone.

O, yes you can be fit for life. If you are fit now, stay that way. If you need to work on it, get that way. It can be done. Don’t picture yourself getting “old”. Refuse to be unable to bend over and pick up something on the floor. See yourself doing the activities you enjoy doing. Picture yourself on the tennis court or walking your dogs at every age in your life. Forget the idea that you must give up looking and feeling young because you have another birthday. This day in age is the best time to be older and enjoy it. Gone are the days where men and women are afraid of the big 3-0. These days girls are glad to be smart and fit at 40. Men are proud to exercise and eat healthy at 50.

So wipe out that image of an old person and see the fit you that you are meant to live. Hold the vision of a youthful, happy person in your mind and you will reach goals that you thought were reserved for kids. Visualize good things and better you shall be. Say it and mean it – O, yes I can be fit for life! -pm


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