See and Do To Improve You

barbiecarLife is more pleasant when we feel purposeful and appreciated. That seems like an obvious statement; however, many of us spend the majority of our lives accepting a lifestyle that does nothing to make us feel appreciated or like we are serving our purpose. We continue to go through life not understanding why we have no motivation, we develop poor health, and we can’t understand why we have a negative outlook on life.

We feel ripped off. We feel like we deserve the house on the hill, the Barbie mansion – complete with Corvette, and the ugly nanny keeping it all in order. I believe that our health is a reflection of our internal well-being. Not 100%, but I do feel that there is some ailment that can be alleviated if we felt more purposeful and appreciated on the inside.

If I could blink my eyes and make it all happen with the flip of my ponytail I would gladly make the world a healthier, happier place. I can’t, but you can. At least for yourself. You have to believe that you deserve the best and make efforts to achieve the best. I’m not by any means a pro at this. I’m in training – I want a better life, I want to make life better for the people around me and I will do everything in my power to live better. “O, Yes I Can Live Better” has some good reasons for thinking in a more positive light.

Internal and external health and beauty are all tied together (BIBO article). Improving our health helps us look better outside, makes us healthier inside, improves self esteem, all are building blocks to being a happier person. When you see yourself living better, you can take steps toward getting there. Same goes for finding purpose and appreciation in your life. If you envision it you can begin to take steps toward achieving it. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want, just be willing to seek it out. Zen Habits posted an article about How to Find Your Amazing Work. Maybe there are pointers there that will help you. Keep your dreams alive by any means possible and they will transpire. That’s what I’m banking on, anyway! -pm

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