Spring Cleaning

Signs of fresh new life
Flowers beaming with color
Friends with wings visit.

Spring is spreading fever with the tempting clear skies, warm sunshine, and bare beds begging for flowering friends.  It doesn’t matter if you favor the outdoors or not, when spring arrives it brings an energy that spreads into the veins of everyone. Most people don’t need much persuasion to get outside on a beautiful, sun-shiny day. Even standing outside can lift a mood on a nice day.

Other outdoor activities like gardening, washing the car, or cleaning out the garage might seem like chores but they can be therapy for the soul too. Even though tasks like cleaning are typically the chores that we hope to get done before we play, they can still lift our moods. They offer a chance to get the body moving, generate some blood flow, and a feeling of accomplishment. Your mind benefits from cleaning up the space around you as well. An article on WOW suggests that, “organizing your physical world is an important step on the path leading to clarity, purpose, and success.”

Taking time away from relaxing or play to clean and organize is not always easy. However, getting rid of some of the clutter can bring a feeling of acomplishment. Then kicking back is even better that it would have been had the mess stuck around. Because you deserve clean surrounding so you can feel more purposeful and clear, here are some suggestions: Spring Cleaning Guide. Enjoy. -pm

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