Swim, Bike, Run, Float, Hike, Walk

Fitness has become a bad word for many people. It’s sad that people have let their bodies get so out of shape that simple tasks such as walking up a flight of stairs is a challenge. When it comes to fitness and nutrition, you better choose to make it a good habit before you are forced to do it by a doctor.

I have a friend who is an active gal. She likes to work outside, hike, and ride horses. Taking walks is fun for her but she’s not big on running or cross-training in the gym sense. She hates that her desk job keeps her from moving around so much. When she started working longer hours I reminded her that her health was just as important as her job. What good is money if you are unable to move around and enjoy it?

She still gets outdoors as much as possible but she also works out with a trainer a couple times of week. I’m so proud of her for choosing to take care of her already slender self and not take advantage of a healthy body. It is wrong for people to think that exercise is only for “fat” people or athletes. It is for ALL OF US. Every body that wants to be at their best should remember that fitness should be part of their life just as much as taking a shower, vitamins, drinking water, and eating properly. We learn as we go. Slip-ups happen. Move on and do better when you know better. -pm


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