Food Freedom

fruitsalad1Taking care of the body that we were born with is our responsibility. In the post Physical Freedom, the main idea was that attitude can make the difference as to the approach we take toward staying physically fit. The same approach is necessary when dealing with nutrition.

Diet is about the way we nourish our bodies. Everyone has a diet – it is a way of life – not a temporary fad. It may be good or bad. It can be maintained and improved with a similar approach used toward physical freedom.

Thinking about what you eat, and why, is important for good health. Food freedom is successful when approached with the same attitude for physical freedom. Yes, you have the right to eat anything you desire. Your body also rightfully can respond to such choices. Bad food choices result in unnatural body types. We were not designed to be overweight, with excess fat rolls, oily skin, and stressed joints. Curves are great when they result from good food and fitness choices.

Give your body the freedom to take on a natural form. Exercise and eat well. Realize that fast food chains are in the business to make money – not to make you healthy. They use ingredients that are cost effective, not usually health effective. The “food” some restaurants produce are difficult for bodies to digest and result in many negative health barriers. It is worth it to take on food freedom and pass up fast food. Take control of the way you fuel your body and you will be amazed at how much it will thank you. It will work better and look great. That is real food freedom.-pm


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