One To Grow On

It can be easy to take the natural elements that surround us for granted. Flowers, birds, and trees are more than mere eye candy. Flowers feed those birds that sing for us and the trees provide homes for those little songsters. Trees, like people, are a solid structure that often gets overlooked for the multi-tasking it can do.

Take a moment to consider all the things that a tree can do. Besides providing shade, trees provide oxygen, reduce noise pollution, and lower air temperature. Trees are used to make paper, furniture, music instruments, rubber, and even are used for medicine and fuel. That’s quite a resume. One, single tree can do so much for the world around it.

Have you considered how much you do for the people, and the world, around you? It’s probably much more that you realize. How about the people around you? Do you recognize how valuable they are as well? We are social beings that impact much more that we often understand. It can be hard to comprehend how people that we never even meet can be impacted by the things that we say or do.

A strong, healthy tree branches out as it grows; making it more resourceful. People are much the same. We must endure the elements of life, and these make us strong. We must grow healthy and branch out because that makes it possible for us to have a positive impact on the world around us in ways beyond what we see. Seeing immediate results for spreading good resources needs only patience, not instant gratification or recognition. Given time, a little bird will chose a healthy, strong tree to nest in.  -pm


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