Opportunity Cost

Last week in the posts Skip The Gym For Better Health part I and part II some suggestions were made for working out at home as a means to cut gym costs and to save travel time. I saved my pennies so I can have a treadmill. I like the indoor option and as much as I love to run outside, sometimes a good TV show moves the pace along. While I was watching my bulky, out-dated TV, I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a nice flat screen bolted to the wall.

Then I remembered Economics 101 and the term “opportunity cost.” It is the result of decision making – the trade-off vale for one purchase in place of another. I would rather have a treadmill instead of a new TV. That’s my opportunity cost.

People will pay thousands of dollars for a TV or gaming system, yet when it comes to buying health equipment the thought of a few hundred dollars makes folks cringe. It’s sad really. Don’t misunderstand me, games fun mind food and a good TV show can provide a stress leaving laugh. But don’t squash the thought of investing some money into some fitness equipment.

Keep your body in good condition so you can feel good when you are watching TV or playing a game. Relaxing and having fun are even more rewarding when you know you have earned it. Life is all about decision making. It can be difficult to do at times but it’s all about doing the best with what you know. -pm


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