Skip The Gym For Better Health part II

People are always looking for ways to save money and get fit. Many think that a gym pass is a promise for fitter figure. Buff bodies require a commitment that can be achieved without an expensive gym price tag.

Last time in Skip The Gym For Better Health part 1 I listed some of the reasons to skip the gym and workout at home. Today, I want to offer some suggestions that let you to get in shape at home without feeling like you need to turn your living room into a cardio or weight room.

As I mentioned before, the gym is great for some. However if you’re like me, I don’t want the fate of my fitness to be dependent on someone else. I want the freedom be fit anytime, anywhere – independent from a fitness club. The #1 cheapest, easiest cardio is walking and running. Get some descent shoes and off you go. There is no reason in this world that people can’t go for a walk every day.

For what you would pay in fees at a gym you can invest in weights, jump rope, eventually a treadmill or elliptical machine. Then they are yours for use whenever. The weights and jump rope can be stored under the bed, a closet, or garage and never be in your way. Of course the larger equipment will need some space, but having your own equipment is worth sparing the space.

Biking gets you outside for fresh air, hiking works muscles that you might have forgotten about, and swimming is a great full body workout. Fitness and nutrition is preventative and maintenance medicine. It is worth the money that you put into it, it just doesn’t have to be an excessive amount of money. -pm

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