Skip The Gym For Better Health part I

USA Today reports that gym memberships have declined due to people pinching pennies. They also state that high calorie foods are low in cost and consumers are tempted to give in and buy the bad groceries. So how can an overweight society cut the junk, gym, and pinch pennies – not fat? It’s easier than you think.

There are quite a few advantages to skipping the gym and working out at home. (If a gym works for you then keep at it – they’re great for many people) Not only will you save membership and gas money but you will save time. Those minutes saved from driving, or getting dressed for the public add up. They can be spent doing a few extra crunches. Working out at home allows for more savings when it comes to wardrobe. That oversized, comfy t-shirt with holes and raveling shorts are more acceptable at home than in the public eye, and cheaper than some of the overpriced spandex on the market.

Germs lurk all over the gym. It’s hard to boost your immune system when it’s constantly fighting a new mutation. Staying away from nasty locker rooms helps increase your health. Dirty equipment is a breeding ground for bad bacteria too.

So you have saved all this time and money by forgoing a gym membership. Now what do you do to say healthy and fit? In the next post we will go over some suggestions for having a home fitness station without turning the family room into a weight room. (read part II) Some of the fittest people I know have never been committed to a gym long term. In fact they detest relying on a fitness center for exercise. Many faithful fitness fanatics want workouts within reach. After all, routine activities should have easy access – would you drive 20 minutes to shower every morning?-pm


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