Animal House

Many people connect with an animal at some point in their life. Dogs are loyal, kittens cuddle, and fish are soothing. Countless studies have proven that both people and their pets benefit from the relationship.

There have been days that I don’t know what I would have done without my dogs around to comfort me or put a smile on my face. I would do anything to make them as happy as they make me. They are my family. When I learn of pets needing a family¬† I want to help. Lots of people feel the same way, and while the first instinct is to open our own homes to animals in need of a family, it’s not always the best solution. It’s important to consider the pets that you already care for and the other family members as well. It can be hard to feed and care a whole house of animals and people!

It’s important to make sure that an orphan animal be placed with the best family. That’s why the best way to help an animal in need of a home is by spreading the word. So if you know of a pet seeking a new residence, let me know and I will gladly post it under the Pets page. Check it out now and help these sweeties find a family.

Read more about how you can help at: The Killuminati Foundation.


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  1. Such a good idea!
    Facebook updates help as well. Just the other day a friend of mine posted that a dog needed a home on facebook and by the time I checked it out, it was with an owner.

  2. This is exciting. The internet is truly revolutionizing the way that we rescue our animals and educate people about how to prevent animal cruelty and suffering. The idea of using facebook and twitter to announce animals in need of adoption is a great use of technology, as well as bloggers highlighting animals on their sites.

    The blogosphere always makes me optimistic about the future!

    1. It’s such an easy way to make a big difference. A big credit goes to Carrie of Puppy Love who works hard by speading flyers to find these animals homes. Together we all can help animals.

  3. Thank you Trina for posting the dogs I’m sponsoring. Brandy and Wesley thank you too. With help from people like you, I know these two will find loving homes! You’re so awesome!

    1. You’re a wonderful sponsor, keep them coming. I am glad to be able to help. Hopefully the word will spread and this can be a “hub” for helping animals find happy homes!