Emotionally Fit

To be fit is to be more than just being physically fit. For whole health it is necessary to exercise emotional health as much as it is to exercise physical fitness. A post on eds ezine suggests that people are living on “emotional credit”. Think about it and it does seem true, we give and give until we have no more to give.

We are spent emotionally and it is not healthy. It would be nice if there were an instant fix, however the fix is less complicated than one might imagine. Actually, it follows the same path to becoming physically fit. It takes commitment and practice. With dedication to the routine it becomes easier.

It gets to be a way of life that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. Training our minds to think from a positive perspective sounds simple, walking daily sounds simple, eating vegetables instead of cake sounds simple…doing it is where the challenge comes into play.

Taking the proper action to get a particular end result requires diligence.  When you realize that a being physically and emotionally fit benefit you and the people around you then it becomes a priority. Make it a priority and find ways to improve upon whole fitness.

Approach becoming emotionally fit much like you would for becoming physically fit. Set goals, write out a plan, start now and leave no room for excuses. Understand that you are worth the work. Stop letting negative thoughts rule your world, allow your mind to consider the good things that you want to happen. Go for those good things. You don’t have to be blind to the realities of the world; just don’t be blind to the possibilities either. -pm


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  1. The last statement is motivating. I think it is too easy to get lost in the negative realities and lose track of the positive possibilities we want for ourselves. Setting goals and imagining yourself not only achieving them, but how you are going to achieve them, is difficult but rewarding.