Physical Fun, Forego Stress

Lots of things are more enjoyable without force or pressure. Did you ever do bonus work that a teacher assigned just because there was nothing to lose? Reading is much more fun when a grade isn’t dependant on you absorbing each word. Taking a walk is nice when you know you have a car to get you places that are out of walking distances. Same goes for a workout routine; it’s much more enjoyable if approached as a bonus for looking and feeling good. If the stress of trying to lose “x” number of pounds or fit into a size “y” then it can zap the fun from fitness.

People are driven by stress. However, too much of the wrong kind of stress yields negative results. Some fitness enthusiasts say that fitness should be playful and fun. True, if that it should be enjoyable, but don’t overlook effective. If you find yourself coasting on your bike instead of pedaling then you better get off and run. That doesn’t mean that the run must be hard and painful. Physical activity requires a commitment. The dedication that you are going to do it every day of your life, with the attitude that you have nothing to lose – besides bad weight, and everything will be a bonus.

The bonus of a limber body, healthy heart, lean figure…the list goes on. Much of our society has trained our bodies to be lazy. We are exhausted in our minds and our bodies follow.  Retrain your mind to make moving your body a priority. It doesn’t have to be a stressful, negative regimen. It just needs to be a regular, life-long routine. -pm


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