Puppy Power

Only a pet owner knows that animals have more personality in their paw than most people have in their whole body. It’s amazing that not long ago many scientists assumed that animals were incapable of thought. They had the notion that they were more like machines that reacted to stimuli.

There is a neat article in National Geographic March 2008 titled, “Minds of Their Own”. Virginia Morell writes about the research that has been done to prove quite the opposite. Scientific study aside, the average pet owner can fill pages too with stories that prove the passionate, independent thought that goes on inside the minds of the animals we call pets.

I have two white dogs that resemble each other in size and color, but have personalities that are quite contrary. They both make me laugh in different ways and have their own quirks that make them unique and lovable. One is laid back and easy going, and the other is sprite and vocal with his demands. My life wouldn’t be the same without them.

How does your pet improve your life? What are some of the personality characteristics that make you confidant that your pet is an independent thinker? Let me know, and remember that if you know of an orphan animal needing a good home to email me the details and I will gladly post them.


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  1. Pets are like kids. Unless you have one, you can’t really know how great they are. I grew up with a lot of pets of all species, and I can see now how zoologists on nature documentaries can s easily identify the dozens of animals they study simply by personality.

  2. Great post btw…
    I think one of the neatest thing about my dog, Sophie, is that she is an amazing judge of character in people. When I was in the dating game, if I brought a boy home and Sophie did not act warm towards him, I knew he wasn’t the boy for me. When I brought home my current boyfriend, she liked him right off the bat and I knew he was okay. We’ve now been together for about a year and a half.
    Now my other kid, I mean dog, Foxy, is much different. She doesn’t know a stranger, and is a little ball of playful energy. She’s so curious and loves to be cuddly with you.
    They both make me hate not being at home to play with them.