How Do You Boost Your Mood?

I read a lot about how the simple things are to be cherished in life. I agree. I would rather giggle with a friend or wallow with my dogs instead of owning a house with more bedrooms than I know what to do with; however, some days a person needs a little pick-me-up that goes beyond a laugh or sloppy pet kiss.

Every day is unique. Is that why the same pick-me-up that I used last week isn’t cutting the mustard today? Some days a simple fountain soda works wonders on my mood, other days I require a bit more pampering – like getting my girly nails “did” (not to worry, the girly indulgence does not affect my ability to win a carbonation release contest against the biggest guy in the room). I realize the importance of making the most out of every day; however, it can be hard when my attempts are failing.

Most days my attitude starts out with a good, positive outlook. I force it if necessary, not to neglect the bad, but not dwelling on the less than positive, either. I like to have little things to look forward to everyday, it makes me happy and they don’t have to be huge or expensive. (those are nice too but not even the point) I look forward to dinner almost every day. It’s a time of day where I sit down and try to have a relaxed conversation accompanied by some delicious, vegan food. When something disrupts that perk, I get irritated and it’s hard to replace the specific mood booster. If I have been looking forward to a fizzy, fountain soda pop and it’s flat, what’s a girl to do?

What I have learned from the bombed boosters is that living compassionately requires patience. As much as I would love for every moment of my life to be a fabulous, adrenaline high it just won’t happen. It doesn’t mean that I should give up trying for great times. It just means that sometimes I must be content with being content. Here are some of the things that I like to do to boost my mood and I would love for you to add to the list. –pm

Do something to cheer up someone else – a card, flowers, nice voice mail or e-card

Music – keep a mix of no fail tunes nearby, radio stations have bad days too

Dancing – so be it in private, it gets blood pumping and perks you up

Pets – my dogs always make me feel better, they’re funny and I’m pretty sure they love me and that feels good.

A good fountain drink – and winning a carbonation release contest.

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  1. lol, radio stations around here have more bad days than good days. I rarely listen to it, which is why I take a booklet of CDs everywhere I go!

    I can vouch for the power of cheering someone else up to brighten your own spirits. Once you get used to being nice to others and offering compliments, it stops being awkward, and it comes naturally, and you’re receive a lot of that positive energy back!