Couple’s Bonding Part II

Last week’s post was about bonding with your partner. This week’s post was inspired by a comment that was left last time. Trey (writer of Swollen Thumb Entertainment¬†– check it out)pointed out the importance of couples¬†sticking to individual interests.

It’s a great point, too. Many couples get so caught up in being together that they end up spending time with each other but not really paying attention to one another. Time apart is just as valuable as time together.

From my experience, even a few hours away from my husband can do us both some good. We end up having more things to discuss and we each get time to focus on other tasks. This all sounds like no-brainer stuff – duh, spend time together but don’t over do it, right? However, remaining an individual while committing to sharing your life with another person takes patience and practice.

Be willing to invite change into your relationship. Try spending quality time apart as much as quality time together. Don’t pressure yourself or your partner into putting a time limit on how much time you need together or apart, let it flow. You’ll both feel less stress and bond better in the long run.

My husband is the coolest, greatest person I know. The next best thing to spending time with him, is spending time developing each of ourselves as the unique people that attracted us to each other in the first place.  -pm

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