Couple’s Bonding

What do you do when dates get boring? If you’re in a long-term relationship or have a spouse, dating can get stale after sometime. Many claim that variety is the spice of life, so how do you spice things up?

There are tons of articles that suggest picking an activity, like rock climbing, for couples to bond. Some articles suggest intellectual stimuli of some sort, like reading a book together. I guess I don’t really know what the best method is, it varies for every pair.

Many of my interests overlap with my husbands. This actually makes it more difficult when trying to come up with something brand new to explore. However, we have found a project that seems to include a vast array of our hobbies – we’re going to create a video game. We both have a programming background (my husband excels at the task) we like art, I will do voices…the list goes on.

Brainstorm with each other and see what you come up with, and please share. This could get stale soon and a backup plan never hurts. What do you and your mate do to keep the bond strong? -pm

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  1. Hi Trina. I’m only in my first year of marriage (about to be second) so I don’t know if I have the answer. What I do know is this, married couples don’t need to do everything together. My wife and I have our own separate interests. Her’s bore me, and vice versa, so we come together every once in a while and do things together that we enjoy doing. I also don’t recommend becoming complacent. You should always try to enjoy new things in life… that doesn’t just account for couples, it counts for individuals as well.

    1. Hey, congratulations (and happy anniversary) on your nuptuals. You’re right about couples needing separate time, it’s just as important to the relationship as doing things together. It makes the time together more interesting when you have individual experiences to share with each other. While my husband and I love spending time together, when we have had some time to do our own thing we each sort of recharge a different energy.