Seek Running Inspiration

I love the hunger that a beginner runner has for their new-found sport. They are full of questions and curious about the journey. They wonder, like all runners, if they can push their mind, body, and soul to (and through) the finish line.

When a newbie starts training, she/he often seeks advice from a more seasoned runner. They will ask about mileage, speed work, shoes, and races. They will question if their body can really endure the commitment that is necessary to reach their fitness goal.

 A patient, experienced runner offers up all they know about nutrition, cross-training, and nourishing a running relationship. Then a magical thing happens, and the mentor becomes the mentee in a hazy sort of way. They are able to share excitement of adventure and experience.

Running requires strong mental energy. When an experienced runner goes through a stale phase, inspiring a new runner can be the perfect way to recharge. As a beginner works through the early stages of running, seeking the sound advice from an experienced athlete can ease their nerves and help build a solid foundation for confidence.

Those of us who commit to be runners for life must constantly seek inspiration, just like we did in the beginning. We need to remember that the reason we started running may not be the same reason that we still run. It may be deeper, more spiritual than it was in the beginning. No matter why we started, seek the passion that it takes to keep going and share the thrills with someone new to running too. -trvw

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