Dealing With Downtime

If you’re a runner, walker, triathlete, biker, martial artist, or have any fitness flair whatsoever, staying still for very long probably doesn’t suit you. When things like an injury or H1N1 virus gets you down it can be hard to rest to a full recovery.

Recently I had doctor’s orders to not run for 2 full weeks. Not ten days like 2 five day work weeks but fourteen days like 2 seven day real weeks! “Weeks” must be defined to an athlete or we will be training. I had been in peak marathon training and not sure how to deal with these orders. I knew that I didn’t want 2 weeks to turn into 2 months because I disobeyed doctor’s orders and hurt myself. But that’s like a lifetime to a regular runner. It’s like asking me not to breathe for just a few minutes.

However, dealing with the hiatus was much easier than I expected. Fortunately I was able to walk. I kept on my regular running schedule and subsutited my runs for easy walks, once I was strong enough. As my strength increased I added the elliptical trainer. Another thing that made the time off easier was the fact that my body needed the energy for recovery.   So I wasn’t nearly as antsy as I would’ve been if I had my full health and just not worked out.

So if you are worried about necessary downtime cutting into your training, you don’t have to be. There are plenty of way to cross train and gently exercise to satisfy your fitness fix. Remember that the priority is to nurse yourself back to peak performing health so you can go back to living your life full force. -pm

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