Stop Being Scared of Running

Fall is certainly here. Even the warm days remind you with a chilly breeze that the sultry days of summer will not be back for awhile. The milder temperatures are perfect for many people to start, or revisit, the outdoors for some fitness training.

It’s important to find indoor substitutes when getting outside is impossible, but taking advantage of fall to start a program is a great idea. Running is one of the easiest and most effective exercises of all time. It’s cheap and simple, yet feared by many.

Perhaps you’ve considered taking up running but haven’t been quite ready to commit. Maybe there are a few fears that have been holding you back. Stop letting those insecurities keep you from experiencing the many joys of running.  Here are a few reasons to stop being scared of running:

People often think that you must already be in shape to be a runner. Not true! Everybody must start somewhere and now is better than later.

You have to run fast. Says who? You get out there and do what you can, that’s the important thing. Anybody who criticizes that has no business giving out advice.

You have to run far. Many distance runners get hooked on mileage. It becomes a personal challenge, but there are several great runners that have never even completed a marathon or half marathon. Don’t let distances scare you.

You felt a rain drop. Some of the best runs I’ve ever done have been in the rain. Sometimes the rain doesn’t even pour. The weather can be unpredictable but is doesn’t have to ruin your run.

You didn’t do well in P.E. All the more reason to go run. You’re in control of how far, how fast, and when you run – not a P.E. teacher. You don’t have to re-live the school days you hated and they shouldn’t hold you back either.

Getting out there is what it’s all about. You may race, you may not. It’s all up to you. Running is a challenging sport that is all up to you. You are the one that must do the work and you will be the one to enjoy the benefits. There are plenty of those too! Enjoy. -pm

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