Holiday Buzzkill

If I think that Christmas decorations are up too soon, then Christmas decorations are up too soon. I’ve always really enjoyed decking out my cube, room, house or whatever is around me that could get some flair. However, retail is absolutely taking the fun out of it…even for me.

I figure that from Thanksgiving to the New Year is more than enough time to yuk it up holiday style. But this business of putting out trees, candles, draddles and every other festive winter decor before the Halloween candy is handed out is getting ridiculous.  Last year I didn’t even put up a tree because I was absolutely burnt out. I did a few decorations and decorated a bush that I could replant in the spring as my Christmas tree. However the idea of putting it all up and having to look at it just seemed like overkill.

It seems like everyone blames retail for the burnout but the retailers must see a demand for it. Is it really being forced on us, or are we demanding that holiday cheer be available for us earlier every year? Sometimes I wonder if folks think the presence of ribbons and gifts can create a happy heart. Giving and being happy should exist regardless of what the mall has on display. If we are only  relying on aesthetics to put us in a good mood then perhaps we can find a few other aesthetics that boost our serotonin besides red and green for a few more months out of the year. -trvw

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  1. Good point. We are a glutinous and indulgent society. Moderation is always a better choice. We can check ourselves by our expanding waistlines or our maxed out credit cards. Maybe we should consider moderation and remember there is a difference between want and need