How Do You Conquer Chronic Illness?

Chronic illness does it’s best to interfere with daily life. Ignoring it seems to help suck away some of it’s power. However, there are too many days when if the illness isn’t bothering us physically, then it’s tasking our emotions, or even our wallets. That leaves very few worry, chronic-free days to enjoy.

Being surrounded by understanding people helps a lot. Another powerful way to deal with it is by standing tall no matter how little chronic illness can make you feel. Try not to whine – you deserve to vent, a lot! – just don’t give it the power to chronically bring you down.

That being said, we can use all the help we can to build an arsenal against the emotional anguish that comes with an ongoing illness. So please tell us, what is your weapon of choice when battling “the chronic”? -trvw

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