Podcast 3: “Pukentine’s Day”

My sister and I have lovingly referenced Feb. 14th as “Pukentine’s Day” for years now. While I tease that the day reserved for couples only is silly & knock it for being purely an effort for retail to rebound from the holidays, I still want to have fun on the red, pink, & white “holiday.”

While V-day can be sort of silly, it’s also a perfect time to take a regular day and add a little fun. It’s always a good time to tell your friends and family that you love them and who can pass up a day dedicated to chocolate??

If you feel it’s in your heart to raise a little of the office morale maybe try a game or goodies.  Fill a jar with chocolates and let everyone guesses the number inside – winner gets the jar. How about everyone brining in a heart shaped treat: cookies, sandwiches, ice cubes for soda? Brainstorm a few ideas with your co-workers to come up with some appropriate, inexpensive ways to make the day more fun.

Since love is the focus of v-day, thought you might like to know some of the health benefits of love…just in case you’re resisting at all. Among them are reductions in pain, stress, and blood pressure. Listen to the podcast to hear a few more. Hope you enjoy the day not matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day. You deserve to have some fun! Take care and have a stellar day. -trvw

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