Podcast 6: It’s Friday…Almost

It’s almost Friday – are we living for the weekend too much? Is living for the future giving us something to look forward to or encouraging us to wish our lives away?  I ponder doing research on the topic but I think my gut knows the answer.  Living in each moment is all we will ever have, if we can’t enjoy it know – why will we be able to later?

The anticipation of something is fun, exciting, and at times a driving force to get things done. Since we enjoy the weekend – a time of friends, family, and rest then shouldn’t we want tom look forward to it? Certainly, as long as the time from here to there is filled with its own kind of joy. If we are living in dread each moment until then, we are missing out on precious time. Time that is best served practicing our best habit. Meaning if we are living those moments in dread – and we are creatures of habit – are we going to make the most out of the weekend once it arrives?

This comes from a place of personal challenge. Wanting the most out of every minute I have, I often try to live in a place that I’m not really in yet. I sometimes place my importance and value in what I will achieve in the future or think I will be happy when I have a certain job, etc. Much like positive thoughts can be practiced, so must contentment of the present moment. Whenever you feel the dread of now, stop and retrain yourself to find the beauty of what is at this moment. Hopefully, the result will be greatness now and later. -trvw

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