Podcast 5: iPad 2 and Smart Fitness

The iPad 2 is set to premier this Friday, March 11, 2011. For months I have been debating the purchase of such a lavish expense. I’ve held off on frivolous buys, weighed the pros & cons of readers vs. tablets, and think that I am ready to take the plunge. Mostly because of how much more productive I feel that my Smartphone – iPhone more specifically – has made me.

For the longest time I resisted getting an iPhone. It frustrated me how many fees were required to own and operate the gadget. After my unsatisfying relationship with prior phones and electronic organizers I had all the aggravation that I could handle. I was surprised with the gift of my first iPhone.

Now I use the iPhone 4 and absolutely love it. In all fairness, I considered an Android at one upgrade just because I like the phone providers to appreciate my business and make a competitive product – and Android certainly has done just that. Since I wasn’t in the mood for any type of learning curve, I stuck with what I knew.

No matter which phone you use, you are probably familiar with Apps. There are apps for everyone and everything – it’s amazing. They are useful, entertaining, educational, and even athletic! The fitness apps are a health-nuts best buddy. They can motivate you, help you stay on track by logging your workouts, offer great exercises that can stand alone or supplement your favorite workout.

Because I like my phone apps so much, I’m very excited to see what is offered on the iPad 2. While I really enjoy them I’m not one to actively involve my phone into my workout. I usually read the tips and apply them later, or use the log post run. However, I do know people that rely on the timer, use the guides for lifting reps and sets, and do an entire workout from the instruction of the app.

This brings me to wonder, how has the latest technology changed your life? Are you happier with it? Does it make you more productive? Are you fitter? Besides the Smartphone craze, are there other gadgets that help you get through your day? If so what are they and how is it making you a better, more whole person? -trvw

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