More Energy, Less Ego

Overcoming the ego takes a lot of energy. For some the act might come easily; others require more practice. One way I have found helpful is that when I feel the uneasiness and insecurity swell up (yes, that’s the ego) I stop, close my eyes if – it’s appropriate a and think how being selfless in this situation will get more done or another’s well being in the long run. Personally there’s room for me to improve, but considering that someone else can gain if I refrain from letting uneasy feelings rule – well that helps conserve energy that can be expended in a more positive light. ~trvw

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1 Comment

  1. I love this! We have very similar views on exercise and how it can change people’s live. True fitness comes from within and works its way outwards. I look forward to your future posts. Thanks for sharing! 🙂