Dealing With A “Poser”

Every gym has one – the guy that walks around looking at the equipment more than he does using it. Then there’s the office nutritionist who talks all about the gallons of water she drinks to stay healthy – more like to wash down her next donut. It can be very aggravating to listen to someone preach what they obviously do not practice. Certainly everyone deserves a respectable amount of grace, no one is perfect one-hundred percent of the time. So what is the best way to deal with the guy at the water cooler who talks all about the great weight loss program that “really works” when he hasn’t done a workout in months and has the tight pants to prove it?

Is it worth the risk of hurting someones feelings to point out something they probably already know? Tough to say. Perhaps the best way to deal with such people is to continue to lead by example.  Be a person of integrity by backing up the lifestyle that you express you live and actually live it. Save some grace for yourself just as you do with the “poser” in your life; you never know – they may be granting grace to you for something,
too! ~trvw

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