Relationship Resolution

I had the pleasant surprise of bumping into some friends the other day. It was a bright spot in my day and reminded me of the importance of face-to-face get togethers. Facebook and emailing is great for keeping in touch, but taking even a quick break to meet up in person is refreshing.

A dear friend and I try to catch up one day a week. It’s hard! It doesn’t always work out, but we try. The times we do get together are great because we get to laugh, talk, and share facial expressions that an emoticon can’t capture.

There are other friends that I need to start making regular appointments with, too. It will be difficult since we are all busy, but it’s important. Healthy relationships are as much a part of whole wellness as nutrition and exercise. A resolution to nourish a relationship is as imperative as a resolution to get fit, now is the perfect time to make the commitment. ~trvw

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